We use essential oil based cream wax and azulene® wax for your sensitive skin. It is painless and prevents in-growns. Also, for your health, we do not double-dip the wax applicator into the heating unit.

Drawing inspiration from many cultures around the world, POYA has developed a luxurious line of Spa products using only the finest ingredients that are ethically sourced and naturally derived. By offering you a full range of treatments including, Muds, Scrubs and Massage products. Formulated using certified organic oils, botanical extracts and vitamins, their treatments will leave the body feeling rejuvenated and invigorated. These premium elements also support skin health and help to promote overall relaxation.


The leading Canadian brand for healthier nails, they've been a family business for over ten years. BSG has the big-5 free with no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA, or solvents. No need for sanding, bonders, drilling, or primers. Their gel polish won't dehydrate your nails!

Seaflora is located on the outer coast of Vancouver Island, B.C., certified organic seaweed skincare and treatment rituals made from premium quality, hand-harvested wild seaweeds, biodegradable organic plant botanicals, and made from wholesome natural ingredients.